Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Earth's Power

The Earth's Power

Ripping and crumbling,
Shouts filling the whole world, 

Rising of the Earth's power.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Haiku-The Hope

The Hope

I saw the twiligh

Stars climbing up to the sky 

smiling and giving hope…

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Never Give Up

Bicycles are like cars for me, I was a kid that loved cars and always wanted to drive one. For first graders riding a two wheeled bicycle is like being a grown up. I was always jealous when older people or the same age people were able to ride a two wheeled bicycle.
When I came home from school, I saw my friends already riding bicycles. I was really surprised because I could only ride a four wheeled bicycle. I was embarrassed when I saw my friends riding a two wheeled bicycle. I bolted upstairs and questioned my mom, “If I finish my homework fast could I try the ,bicycle” I asked.
“Yes, why not.” she answered. I was really excited, so I finished my homework and went downstairs. I put my bike in position. I was already tired but I wanted to ride the two wheeled bicycle because all my friends could. It was finally time to ride the bicycle. My mom going to help me so I could get better.
I put my foot on the pedal and pushed down on it. It was smooth as expected. I was riding it but then booooom. I fell, the scratches on my arm and on my foot was painful.  I stood up and tried again. I asked my mom to hold my bicycle so I could practice. I was frustrated how pedaling a bicycle that has two wheels was so hard, it was too hard to keep the handle bar straight. It really was a challenge for me. I tried and tried again, it felt like a bully that keep pushing me to the ground. So I told mom I was gonna give up but she clenched my arm and told me “You shoud try again.” so I did.
I was sure that I was gonna fall again but I was riding it much better than before. It felt really refreshing and I was proud of myself.  The breezing air that blew my hair felt really nice. My leg turning the wheels like a professional. I was too happy and surprised. “Actually I heard from mom that she let me go when I was riding it.”
I dropped my bicycle and ran to mom. I was crying because I was that happy.
When I came back home with mom, I was really sweaty and dirty so my mom told me to shower right away. When I finished showering I ran to my mom and asked if her black jacket was alright and luckily it was fine because I was sweating and crying at the same time and it was my mom’s favorite jacket. When I went into my room to sleep, I had learned a new lesson. Never give up until you deserve to win it.

It was finally time to sleep, I had the best day of my life. I was really surprised how much mom was so  determined and if you suffer you will deserve something you wanted. When I saw my mom’s eye when she clenched my arm, I was surprised how powerful she looked. I was really happy that my mom was told me to try again because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have ride the bicycle. So next time if someone or me I will never give up!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Tiny story for Optimism

Optimism bounds into a community looking for sadness to punch it away. Despite the fact that he is sometimes weird or annoying he is an enjoyable companion. With a massive smile always stuck on his face like gum, Optimism turns your sadness around.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Tiny Story

The burst of crazy and good ideas were gone. The gears in my brain weren’t working. I heard an echoing voice in my head, Don’t give up, nothing is impossible Don’t give up nothing is impossible Don’t give up nothing is impossible………

Friday, 4 September 2015

Depending on When you Met me!!

Depending on when you met me, I might have been a chess champion, a kid who tried to hack someone's wifi, a competitive gamer, night of the notable, a funny looking dude, never went to a quire group, always a clown in his house, a traveling lover, a creative brain that always loved to build anything, always wanted to be a champion on everything he does, looks like a nerd that has google glasses on, a good computer hacker, maybe, always wanted to go in the hacking contest and wanted to be a best youtuber.